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Casalini snacks are available in a number of formats; giving the possibility to choose the one most adapt to every situation. For those who like trying different flavours often there are the 6 and 10 piece trays; for those who are looking for a space-saving format, the bag is the best solution. And the 20 piece tray is ideal for ensuring that you are never without a Casalini snack.

Casalini is a brand owned by F.B.F. Spa. F.B.F. Spa is a leading company in the sweet snacks sector in Italy and is leader in the production of products made with naturally leavened layered dough. Aside from producing and selling the Casalini brand, F.B.F. is specialized in the supply of Private Label snacks; important Italian and foreign chains have trusted FBF for years for the production of their Prviate Label.

Casalini products are numerous, diverse and free of hydrogenated fats: croissants, fagottini, treccine and panini. They have rich fillings that are full of flavor and delicious. They are suitable for adults and children in any situation: at breakfast, as a snack or for a quick bite

F.B.F. applies a NO GMO policy and is certified ISO 9001:2008, SA 8000, IFS / BRC. In addition, the company has obtained the certificate ISO 14001 and 18001 (Environment and Safety).

From mother yeast come many soft and delicious snacks.

All Casalini snacks are born from natural leavening and from ingredients of an excellent quality that are carefully selected and blended; with respect for tradition, every production is carefully mixed, layered an left to rest before baking. This is how we achieve products that are unique and … really good.

Listening to our consumers

F.B.F. constantly conducts tests to monitor that Casalini products always satisfy the tastes of consumers. In addition, detailed Marketing studies developed in collaboration with the Research and Development team are conducted in order to identify and create new types of products and anticipate the requests of the market

F.B.F., technology to offer high quality products.

F.B.F. has a group of researchers that, in laboratories with the most sophisticated analysis systems, unite tradition with the use of the most advanced tools that technology offers for the production of excellent puff pastry snacks. Technology, experience and knowledge are constantly used to improve the quality of Casalini products every day. A chemical-microbiological laboratory conducts analysis on raw materials and on finished products, controlling and verifying compliance with high quality standards.

Why invest in Casalini snacks

Casalini snacks are products of excellent quality. They represent solutions that guarantee profitable shelf rotation and that are coherent with the new concept of “low cost” assimilated by the modern consumer.

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For F.B.F. the comments of its consumers are extremely important, in fact they allow us to constantly imporove the quality of our service.


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